ATID Systems India is an exclusive distributor and strategic software development partner to ATID, Korea, a leader in RFID Reader Manufacturing space and often competitor to likes of Motorola and Honeywell.

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is one of the most promising and anticipated technologies in recent years. Implemented properly, RFID can save the firm money now and make the company more competitive for years to come.


ATID products are manufactured with highest quality standards. As leaders in the space, Products from ATID Korea are often used as metric for benchmarking RFID Readers and includes several intricate differentiating features that usually cause success or failure of RFID Implementation on the whole. For example, multiple Readers capturing data and that scenario are built into system whereas such simple specifics are missed in several competitors that shows lack of expertise in RFID, as a result of choosing wrong RFID Reader, often the whole project is jeopardized.