RFID reader is a key component of effective implementation along with Tags, As exclusive partner to ATID, we offer range of services focused on ATID handheld readers utilizing all integrated modules (1D/2D Barcode, NFC, HF and UHF, 3G).

Rich experience and decades of knowledge gained in manufacturing RFID readers combined with Software expertise in developing world’s first Android RFID reader makes ATID Readers an ideal choice for any RFID implementation.

As strategic partners to such high quality manufacturer, ATID Systems would leverage advantage of technology know-how and pass on the benefit using high quality hardware along with software to customers worldwide by providing specific software services to ensure effective utilization of ATID RFID Technology.

Key Services

  • Bespoke RFID Software Development & Sensor Integration
  • Feasibility (Proof Of Concept) Development
  • RFID Hardware & Software Integration (Enterprise)
  • Full System Deployment Management
  • End User Training & Optimization
  • Post Implementation Review / Maintenance