Any premise (Schools, IT Parks, Government Offices, Airports and Defense Installations etc) would have either staff or visitors entering inside their buildings or offices.

Staff / Employee and Visitor Identity & Access Control Management is made easy & secure with Secure Access Manager.

Say goodbye to visitor book which is a painful & time consuming. To your visitors its hassle free entry & exit with streamlined process to save time. It also saves money while making your premise completely secure.

Allow faster access to returning visitor as earlier data is accessed and verified instantly with mobile number entry..

What’s the need?

Visitors/employees security is major concern for any organization. We believe no one likes to compromise on this. If your visitors list includes VIPs& VVIPs, you simply can’t rely on visitor books. You never know who is who.

So what? We have CCTV cameras surrounding our premise

You can check who was the intruder and when did the incident happen but can’t avoid incident from happening.

We have Employee ID’s

Visitors don’t. Not just that, you can’t avoid buddy punching. Anyone can carry an employee ID and enter inside your premise.

What’s with SAM then?

You can avoid any kind of unauthorized entry and make your real visitors secure as each visitor’s data is matched with known criminal database and if any match found, his data is instantly verified at SAM Control Room and an alert is sent to Security control and Police after reconfirming identity. All this instantly over a rugged smart phone.

We understand each customer’s concern & requirement as they vary based on location, size and several other factors. We customize our solutions according to our customer’s need and provide COMPLETE security without making a mistake.

Is that All?
No, SAM platform is enterprise level solution that has several features included to support PRIOR APPOINTMENTS, futuristic biometric authentications with finger print verification, Aadhaar Integration so it helps people with Aadhaar card any SAM secured premise. These features are periodically updated to SAM terminals making software highly refined at all times.

There is integration with enterprise platforms and email servers and calendar sync which helps in easy implementation at even larger organizations (10000+ employees also).

There is lot more under development by our energetic team who always believe that we deserve to live in a secure and safe world.