Mobile Biometric device for STUDENT identification and management of Attendance at Examination.

In today’s competitive educational environment, it’s very important to explore ways to make more efficient, satisfying and fast Identity Management System to keep track of Students attendance at examination centres . SID does exactly the same.

How does it work?

On Site ID authentication & registration of the student (At Examination Center):

Students enrolled for examination are required to register with mobile handheld SID at examination site. As soon as student roll is entered, system would pull photo and relevant information provided to examination authority for instant verification and avoid buddy punching.

Onsite student photograph is captured again, mobile number and other details are taken and these details are updated to the server instantly along with barcode of the answer sheet.

Counselling :

Student details along with photograph at time of registration and at time of examination are pulled from server and displayed apart from report generation. This ensures right candidate is thoroughly verified while IN time is recorded.


Advantages :

  • Instant access to student’s data
  • No buddy punching is possible.
  • Recording of student entry and exit time.
  • Complete transparency in conduct of assessment tests / examination.